The limited series of watches made of certified black oak 3200 years old

The limited series of watches made of certified black oak 3200 years old

In the 11th century BC an old oak fell down. Maybe the wind knocked it down, maybe someone cut it down, or maybe it was just so old that it had no more strength to stand up. And so it happened that it fell directly in the swamp. And those were the days when the cultures of our country lived and developed.

Oak is a very hard and durable tree that lives for 600-1000 years on average. One of the oldest oaks - Chrobry - is probably 753 years old. It germinated around year 1265, that is when Poland was divided into districts. Oaks, which nowadays occur at the bottom of swamps - particularly deep soligenic swamps - can be 2-3 times older. Their history can reach, as in the case of our oak, even the Bronze Age, times more distant than the birth of Christ, even more distant than the founding of Rome by the legendary Remus and Romulus.

The swamp perfectly preserves, gives the wood a beautiful, deep, dark color and hardness. Swamp oak is considered one of the noblest raw wood materials that Eastern European soil produces. Precious furniture, sculptures and exclusive decorations have been made for years.

The oak itself, thanks to its longevity and splendor, has been perceived for centuries as a sacred tree, surrounded by worship among many cultures of Central and Eastern Europe. Germanic, Celtic and Slavic people associate oaks with the highest deities - Thor, Perun and Taranis. The Celts used to punish extremely cruelly people who would dare to cut even a tiny whole in the oak. The torture was to pull out the convict's intestine through a small hole in their stomach. Then they nailed it to the tree (of course not to the oak). Then they whipped the convict with lashes to flee around the tree, leading himself to evisceration.

To this day, oak leaves can be found in former noble coats of arms, military symbolism or in the coats of arms of communes (Jeżowe commune, Komorniki commune, Bodzechów commune) and cities (Wałbrzych, Dąbie). Oak leaves can also be found in the coat of arms of Estonia. A lot of designs referring to oak leaves can be found on Polish coins introduced after denomination.

Today, you can possess and carry a piece of this noblest wood, 3200 years old, always with you - on your hands, by your body, keeping in touch with our history and our cultural heritage.

The limited series of watches made of certified black oak, 3200 years old, is perfect for someone who wants to see more than just a soulless ticking mechanism. The noble raw material from which the watch cases and dials were made, lived in the olden days, produced oxygen and absorbed carbon dioxide, which our ancestors breathed. Already today it is rarer than a diamond, and therefore unique and exclusive. In a few decades, this age-old swamp oak may be completely unreachable. It is therefore the first of its kind limited series of wooden watches around the world, and maybe also the last. These watches are as unique as the people who will wear them.

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