Below are the answers we have prepared for the most frequently asked questions about our watches.


1.How to clean and maintain MD-WOOD’s wooden watches? 

To clean the wooden watch, we suggest using a slightly damp and soft cloth. After cleaning the watch and completely drying it, we recommend to impregnate the wooden elements of the watch once every six months (avoid impregnating the area of the glass) using a hygienic stick slightly soaked with linseed oil. After applying a thin layer of oil, clean the watch with paper towels.


2.Can I change the battery in MD-WOOD’s wooden watch?

Yes. Just remove the cover. You can replace the battery yourself or at the watchmaker's. The battery used in the watch should ensure proper working of your watch for 3 years.


3.Are MD-WOOD’s wooden watches waterproof?

Our watches are splashproof. You should not dip them in water. Also avoid intense rain.


4.How to care for MD-WOOD’s wooden watch in hot weather?

During high temperatures, loosen the strap gently and give a breath to your watch. If the watch is exposed to high temperatures for too long, the battery life may be reduced. 


5.What movements are used in MD-WOOD’s wooden watches?

At the heart of every watch are the reliable Japanese Quartz Citizen Miyota (Classic Series watches), Japanese TMI Seiko (Goldenmark Series) and the Swiss ETA movements (Limited Series of Black Oak watches).


6.Is a warranty granted on MD-WOOD’s wooden watches?

Yes. Each watch is fully guaranteed for 24 months. 


7.Is it safe to buy online?

We guarantee security and confidentiality by SSL data encryption.