Each wood is unique

Each wood is unique

It has been assumed that the prestigious watch is a gold watch. It is true that the majority of high-end manufacturers offer models made of gold. However, top models also use special materials for other reasons, e.g. titanium. We use wood, but do not think that they are euros chopped into pallets...

Why wood?

We wrote earlier about why we chose wooden watches in general. The material itself, however, is so grateful that it is worth paying attention once again. Today's world is inevitably heading to the point where thinking about ecology is not only a good practice, but an absolute necessity. Where is ecology here, if we cut trees, you would ask? The answer is simple: the production of a watch from natural materials, by hand, traditional methods, does not create as much pollution and waste as processes occurring in factories that melt, refine and process metals. Besides - for the needs of our production, not many trees have been cut down.

Polish ebony

This noble title was given to the so-called bog-wood (or abanos, morta) – the black oak, the genuine eastern European wealth. The oaks, sunk in bogs or water reservoirs, decompose very slowly, and the tannins contained in them react with the iron salts present in water or soil, making the wood dark, sometimes black, sometimes navy-red.

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