As Dobrowolscy's Manufactory, we pride ourselves on the values that underpin our business from the very beginning. It is patience and precision without which it is difficult to manufacture watches by hand while maintaining the highest quality. It is also attachment to tradition and nature, which is reflected in the selection of the raw materials, among which the noblest species of wood excel. Today, silver is added to these raw materials - a precious metal that underlies our civilization. Silver was one of the seven metals known in ancient times. Until the discovery of arsenic in the thirteenth century, humanity was able to extract, refine and smelt only gold, silver, copper, tin, lead, iron and mercury. Due to the rarity, ease of processing and relative durability, gold and silver were used for monetary purposes, initially as an alloy of both, called electrum (Lydia, VII century BC).

For centuries, silver enjoyed great respect as a monetary metal. While coins were minted from gold, which are the equivalent of today's high denominations, silver was the common currency used by burghers, traders, innkeepers, and soldiers - in a word, all subjected principals and kingdoms. And it would be so to this day if humanity would not want to go the easy way - metallic money was removed to the background in the first half of the 20th century (still in the interwar period in Poland circulating silver coins).

The departure from the traditional values that precious metals brought with them resulted in the creation of the financial system as we know it today. Fiat money is not associated with bullion, and its value is based solely on trust in the state and the central bank, which is the issuer of that money. Since money is currently not covered in gold, central banks have been given the opportunity to manipulate its supply. In many places, the natural laws of the market have lost their power in favor of state interventionism. Thus, it can be said that with the departure of the ores, we gave away part of our freedom and civil sovereignty to the state. Today, we no longer have money - we only have scraps, the value of which depends on gentlemen from central banks and politicians (and also their mistakes).

But the ores have not completely disappeared. Everyone can still take possession of them. However, when they ceased to function as money, their price ceased to be rigid. After 1971, when Richard Nixon broke the final thread connecting the dollar with gold (he rejected the Bretton Woods system), the price of gold jumped from a rigid price of 35 USD per ounce, to almost 200 USD in the mid-70s, and then to almost 700 USD in the early 80s. Today the price of one ounce of gold is around USD 1240). Silver behaved similarly - until the dollar was cut off from gold, the price of silver ranged from USD 0.5-1.5 per ounce, to exceed USD 4 in the mid-70s, and reach USD 35 in 1980 !!! (bubble from the Hunt brothers who wanted to buy most of the silver). Today it is around $ 14.

However, for those who believe in precious metals, their value is constant and the price reflects only how much fiat money is diluted by governments (in the beer and fuel nomenclature it is simply "baptized"). And in this matter little changed over the centuries: the denarius during the reign of Octavian Augustus contained 3.89 g of silver. In Nero's time, although the denarius was still a denarius, the ore content dropped to 3.41 g, while Septimius Sewer, although he did not reduce the coin weight, reduced the silver content from 93%. up to 47%, replacing the rest with copper.

So, as you can see, silver - just like gold - is a carrier of authentic value. It is a stone in the shoe of governments and bankers who would like to see us enslaved, indebted and deprived of savings.

We officially state: Dobrowolscy's Manufactory added freedom and faith in the true value of ores to the list of its values. Our new, limited series of watches contains one ounce of pure silver (.999) in the form of one of the three most popular investment coins: Canadian Maple Leaf, Krugerrand and Superman (the latter is perhaps not the most popular, but symbolizes super powers), which makes them timepieces made to measure a bit old-fashioned, but guided by the highest quality values!

Our limited series of wooden watches with a silver coin can be found only on: goldenmark.com and in 16 Goldenmark - Mennica Wrocławska branches throughout the country.

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